.010   As provided in subsection of this chapter, the Planning Director may approve transfers of densities and numbers of units between residential development areas.  Any application for such a transfer shall be submitted to the Planning Director, signed by both the owner of the property from which the units will be transferred as well as the owner of the property to whom the units will be transferred.
   .020   The Planning Director, or his or her designee, shall review the application to determine whether the proposed transfer is consistent with the Specific Plan. In no event shall the Planning Director approve the transfer, if it is inconsistent with that document or any other provision of the Municipal Code.
   .030   The Planning Director shall have the sole discretion to refer consideration of the application to the Planning Commission for a noticed public hearing, if he or she determines that the application, if approved, would affect vested property interests of others.
   .040   The action of either the Planning Director or the Planning Commission, if so referred, shall be subject to review/appeal by the City Council, in the same manner as provided in Chapter 18.60 (Procedures).  (Ord. 4909 § 1 (part); March 1, 1988:  Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)