18.100.140   DEVELOPMENT AREA NO. 8.
   This development area provides for the orderly development of attached, single-family, cluster-type housing, with a minimum three thousand (3,000) square foot building site area per dwelling unit.  The development standards of the "RM-2" Multiple-Family Residential Zone in Chapter 18.06 (Multiple-Family Residential Zones) shall apply for development in this area, except as otherwise provided below.  (Ord. 5534; November 28, 1995.)
   .010   Required Lot Frontage.  All lots shall front on a public or private accessway (the same as existing Development Area No. 6).
   .020   Minimum Lot Width.  Lots utilized as private accessways shall have a minimum width of forty-two (42) feet; all other lots shall have a minimum width of seventy (70) feet (the same as existing Development Area No. 6).
   .030   Minimum Building Setback From Arterial Highways (Serrano Avenue).  Minimum fifty (50)-foot-wide building setback required;  provided, however, in connection with the consideration of the final site plan, the Planning Commission may approve a building encroachment into the minimum setback; provided that:  (i) no structure shall be located closer than thirty (30) feet to the right-of-way, and (ii) the length of the encroachment area shall be no greater than fifteen percent (15%) of the Development Area No. 8 frontage along Serrano Avenue.
   .040   Required Site Screening.
      (a)   Unless otherwise provided herein, a maximum six (6)-foot-high, solid, decorative-type, masonry wall may be constructed a minimum of five (5) feet from Serrano Avenue and Sunset Ridge Road;
      (b)   Walls shall be planted with either clinging vines or fast-growing shrubbery to screen the wall surface so as to eliminate graffiti opportunities;
      (c)   The location of the wall at the corner of Serrano Avenue and Sunset Ridge Road shall be subject to the review and approval of the City Traffic and Transportation Manager, for line-of-sight requirements;  and
      (d)   Provisions for a decorative-type wall shall be made to allow and preserve view opportunities, when possible. (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)