18.100.100   DEVELOPMENT AREA NO. 6.
   This development area provides for the orderly development of attached single-family, cluster-type housing, with an average minimum three thousand (3,000) square foot building site area per dwelling unit (see Exhibit No. 31 of the Specific Plan).  The standards of the "RM-2" Multiple-Family Residential Zone in Chapter 18.06 (Multiple-Family Residential Zones) shall apply for development in this area, except as otherwise provided below:
   .010   Required Site Screening.  Except as otherwise provided herein, a solid, decorative-type, masonry wall, landscaped earthen berm, or any combination thereof, totaling not less than six (6) feet in height, shall be provided along, and immediately adjacent to, the site boundary line of any multi-family development abutting any freeway or expressway, or any RS (residential, single-family) or commercial zone boundary, or any alley abutting any such boundary.  The height of any such wall and/or berm shall be as measured from the highest finished grade level of the building pad of the dwelling units located nearest any such abutting boundary.
   .020   Required Lot Frontage.  That all lots shall be permitted to front upon a private or public accessway.
   .030   Minimum Lot Width.  All lots to be utilized as vehicular accessways shall have a minimum width of not less than forty-two (42) feet.
   .040   Minimum Site Area per Dwelling Unit.  The minimum site area per dwelling unit shall be two thousand sixty-eight (2,068) square feet per dwelling unit.  However, the overall site area per dwelling unit figure for the development area as a whole shall average no less than three thousand (3,000) square feet per dwelling unit.
   .050   Maximum Structural Height.  The maximum height of any building shall not exceed thirty-five (35) feet, exclusive of roof structure.  Within one hundred fifty (150) feet of any single-family residential zone, the maximum height of any building shall not exceed one (1) story, exclusive of roof structure, unless detailed drawings are submitted to, and approved by, the Building and Zoning Divisions, showing that no proposed buildings greater than one (1) story in height visually intrude on any abutting or adjacent single-family dwelling; in no event, however, shall any such building be located less than sixteen (16) feet from any such residential zone boundary.  However, in conditions where a grade separation between any arterial highway and property line occurs at a minimum of six (6) feet, and a minimum setback of twelve (12) feet exists between the multiple-family development and conditions as stated above, an open, decorative-type wall is permitted, in order to allow and preserve view opportunities.  (Ord. 5203 § 1; February 12, 1991:  Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)