.010   Any land use proposal, not specifically covered by the provisions contained herein, shall be subject to the regulations of the Zoning Ordinance for the particular zoning designation otherwise applicable to said development area, pursuant to the provisions of Section 18.100.060 of this chapter.
   .020   Whenever any regulations or standards contained in this chapter differ from, or conflict with, the regulations of the Anaheim Municipal Code, the regulations contained in this chapter shall take precedence.
   .030   The maximum number of dwelling units permitted by the Specific Plan shall be two thousand one hundred sixty-eight (2,168).  The approximate number of dwelling units within each residential development area is established on the Development Plan Map (Exhibit No. 14 of the Specific Plan).  Densities, product types and development standards of residential development areas, as established in the Specific Plan, may be transferred to other residential development areas in accordance with Section 18.100.040; provided the total number of units transferred within the Specific Plan Area do not exceed ten percent (10%) of the total number of units permitted by the Specific Plan, and the transfers are consistent with the Specific Plan.  Otherwise, any such transfer shall be carried out through an amendment to the Specific Plan.  (Ord. 5534; November 28, 1995.)
   .040   The boundaries of individual development areas and acreages, as established by this chapter, are approximate and  limited by the scale at which the Development Plan Map (Exhibit No. 14 of the Specific Plan) is drawn. Precise development area boundaries and acreages will be established, as hereinafter provided, by the submittal, review and approval of site plans in conjunction with the subdivision process, as set forth in Title 17 (Land Development and Resources) of the Municipal Code.  Minor boundary and acreage variations from those shown on the Development Plan Map (Exhibit No. 14 of the Specific Plan)
shall be permitted as part of the site plan approval, without amendment to the Specific Plan.  The Zoning Map of the City shall be amended in conjunction with site plan approvals, to define the boundaries of the development areas in the manner as provided in Chapter 18.76 (Zoning Amendments).
   .050   Transfers of densities between residential development areas shall be deemed to be consistent with the General Plan; provided the overall density maximum of two thousand one hundred sixty-eight (2,168) dwelling units is maintained, and the general location of development areas approximates the areas shown on the Specific Plan.
   .060   Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, all development areas shall be subject to Chapter 18.18 (Scenic Corridor [SC] Overlay Zone).
   .070   Model homes and their garages, and private recreation facilities may be used as offices for the first sale of homes within a recorded tract, and within subsequent similar tracts utilizing these same architectural designs, subject to the regulations of the Uniform Building Code governing said uses and activities.
   .080   Grading plans for all projects shall comply with Chapter 17.06 (Grading, Excavations and Fills in Hillside Areas) of the Municipal Code.
   .090   All construction shall comply with all provisions of the Uniform Building Code and other codes adopted pursuant to Title 15 (Buildings and Housing) of the Municipal Code.
   .100   Terms used in this chapter shall have the same definitions as provided in the Anaheim Municipal Code, unless otherwise defined.
   .110   In adopting Resolution No. 87R-253 approving and adopting the Specific Plan, the City Council of the City of Anaheim made certain findings of consistency between the General Plan of the City and the Specific Plan.  In granting future approvals, as contemplated by this chapter and by the Specific Plan, the particular person or body so acting shall not do so in such a manner so as to abrogate or nullify those findings.
   .120   Public Park Site.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter to the contrary, Specific Plan No. 87-1, including but not limited to, all applicable exhibits thereto, is hereby amended to the extent, and wherever required to provide, that the public park site, identified in Section 4.2 of the Specific Plan document, shall be a minimum six (6) acre, level or flat site, in lieu of the five (5) acre site otherwise specified therein.  The location and configuration of said six (6) acre park site shall be as generally described in Exhibit A of Resolution No. 90R-384.  The term level or flat, as used herein, shall retain the meaning set forth in Section 4.2 of said Specific Plan.  (Ord. 4860 § 1 (part); August 25, 1987:  Ord 5182 § 1; November 6, 1990:  Ord 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)