“Waiver”.  See “Variance”.
   “Wet Bar”.  Any room or area of a room used, intended or designed to be used, for the occasional preparation of food. A wet bar may include a single sink or basin, bar height refrigerator, bar height cabinets and hookups for cold water.  This definition does not include amenities such as multiple basin sinks, full height refrigerators, hot water hookups, above counter cabinets, cooking apparatus including, but not limited to, stoves, ranges, hot tops, and microwaves, or any other amenities that would comprise a kitchen.
   “Wine” means the product obtained from normal alcoholic fermentation of the juice of sound ripe grapes or other agricultural products containing natural or added sugar or any such alcoholic beverage to which is added grape brandy, fruit brandy, or spirits of wine, which is distilled from the particular agricultural product or products of which the wine is made and other rectified wine products and by whatever name and which does not contain more than 15 percent added flavoring, coloring, and blending material and which contains not more than 24 percent of alcohol by volume, and includes vermouth and sake, known as Japanese rice wine.
   “Winegrower” means any person licensed by the Department who has facilities and equipment for the conversion of grapes, berries, or other fruit into wine and is engaged in the production of wine within the City.
   “Women, Infant and Children (W.I.C.) Store”.  A store that sells merchandise through the County of Orange Women, Infant and Children (W.I.C.) program, and does not include fast-food services or other services separate from typical W.I.C.  transactions.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 6296 § 5; March 4, 2014:  Ord. 6317 § 26; March 3, 2015.)