"Recreational Facilities." A facility used for the refreshment of body and mind through forms of play, amusement or relaxation. Types of facilities include: golf courses, golf driving ranges, recreational fields, recreation rooms, court game facilities, swimming pools, saunas or Jacuzzis, tot lots and exercise rooms. "Recreational Facilities" do not include a computer rental/Internet amusement business as defined in this chapter.
   "Recreational Vehicle." Any vehicle defined by the California Health and Safety Code Section 18010. Recreational Vehicles include boats, personal water craft, off-road vehicles, and trailers.
   "Recreational Vehicle Park." Any area or tract of land where space is rented to accommodate one or more automobile trailers, including any van, camper, recreational vehicle or other vehicle used or designed for use as lodging or sleeping accommodations.
   "Regional Shopping Center." A retail shopping area consisting of a group of retail and other commercial businesses designed, developed and managed as an integrated entity, that provides a wide range and variety of general merchandise and services, and is intended to attract shoppers from more than one city.
   "Residential Zone." Any Zone, Overlay Zone or Specific Plan Development Area that permits Dwellings, Multiple-Family; Dwellings, Single-Family Attached; and/or, Dwellings Single-Family Detached by right or by conditional use permit; and, the Mobile Home Park Overlay (MHP) Zone.
   "Resolution of Intent." A resolution to reclassify property from one zone to another that has been approved by the Planning Commission or City Council, but in connection with which an ordinance has not been adopted on by the City Council; a "Resolution of Intent" does not establish any vested rights in the reclassification.
   "Responsible Employee." The person(s) designated by the Operator of the Massage Establishment to act as the representative or agent of the Operator in conducting day-to-day operations. A Responsible Employee may also be an owner.
   "Restaurant." An establishment that is engaged primarily in the business of preparing and serving meals for immediate consumption, either on or off the premises. The term "Primarily" shall mean that food and nonalcoholic beverage sales comprise a minimum of sixty percent (60%) of the gross income from the establishment's business operations. The food preparation or kitchen area for a restaurant shall be permanently designed for food preparation and food storage purposes, and shall constitute not less than twenty percent (20%) of the gross floor area of the restaurant, including outdoor dining areas. No admission fee, cover charge, advance pre-payment for meals, or similar fees shall be imposed upon patrons as a condition of entry to the premises.
   "Restaurant, Drive-In." A restaurant where provision is made for vehicles to park on the premises, and food is ordered from and served directly to patrons in the vehicle for consumption by patrons in vehicles while they are parked on the premises.
   "Restaurant, Drive-Through." A restaurant where provision is made for one (1) or more drive-through lanes for the ordering and serving of food to patrons in vehicles for consumption at a separate location, either on or off the premises.
   "Restaurant, Enclosed." A restaurant in which the preparation, service and consumption of meals is conducted entirely within a building.
   "Restaurant, Fast Food." A restaurant where food is customarily ordered by patrons at a counter located inside the building with tables and seating for more than twenty (20) patrons.
   "Restaurant, Full Service." A restaurant where food is prepared on the premises and food orders are customarily taken, and served to patrons, by a waiter or waitress while the patron is seated at a table or dining counter located inside the restaurant or in an outdoor seating area as defined in this chapter.
   "Restaurant, Outdoor Dining." A restaurant in which the activity of preparing and serving meals is conducted mainly within an enclosed building, and which provides an outdoor dining area as defined in this chapter.
   "Restaurant, Take-Out." A restaurant where food is prepared on the premises and customarily ordered by patrons, while standing at a window or counter located inside the building, regardless of the manner in which said food is thereafter served or whether said food is consumed on or off the premises, and which may provide an indoor and/or outdoor seating area having a cumulative maximum total of not more than twenty (20) seats in an area proportional to the number of tables and seats.
   "Restaurant, Walk-Up." A restaurant where food is prepared on the premises, and service to the customer is by means of a window or opening to the outside of the building, at which the customer places and receives an order, which may be consumed on the premises.
   "Restaurant, With Accessory Entertainment." A restaurant, with or without on-premises sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, wherein music and/or live entertainment is provided for patrons to dance or otherwise be entertained, which is regularly open to the public without the payment of a cover charge or admittance fee, and is not a sex-oriented business as defined in Chapter 18.54 (Sex-Oriented Businesses). Entertainment is, and shall at all times be, accessory to the primary restaurant use.  No admission fee, cover charge, advance pre-payment for meals, or similar fees shall be imposed upon patrons as a condition of entry to the premises.
   "Restaurant, With On-Premises Sale and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages." A restaurant, either enclosed or with outdoor dining, where alcoholic beverages are sold to and consumed by patrons upon the premises, either within an accessory cocktail lounge or in a designated dining area, in conjunction with the serving and consumption of a meal. Said establishment shall have, and maintain all requisite permits and approvals from and as required by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and shall meet the requirements of a bona fide eating place as defined by Section 23038 of the California Business and Professions Code, and any successor provision thereto, and the definition of a restaurant as set forth in this section. Service of alcoholic beverages is, and shall at all times be, accessory to the primary restaurant use.
   "Right-of-Way." A strip of land used or intended to be used for transportation purposes, such as a street or highway, trail or railroad, or for utility infrastructure such as for water, wastewater, telecommunications, electricity or natural gas.
   "Room, Habitable." A space in a structure and designed or used for living, sleeping, eating, or cooking.  Bathrooms, toilet compartments, closets, halls, storage or utility space, and similar areas are not considered habitable rooms.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 6031 § 59; August 22, 2006:  Ord. 6245 § 100; June 5, 2012:  Ord. 6261 § 5; January 15, 2013:  Ord. 6286 § 45; September 3, 2013:  Ord. 6390 § 9; December 20, 2016:  Ord. 6438 § 7; June 19, 2018:  Ord. 6493 § 27; September 29, 2020.)