"Easement."  A legal right, such as a right-of-way, afforded an individual, business or other organization to make limited use of another's real property.
   "Educational Institution."  A public, parochial, private, charitable or nonprofit institution that provides educational instruction to students over the age of five (5) years.
   "Efficiency Unit." Has the same meaning as defined and used in Section 17958.1 of the California Health and Safety Code.
   "Emergency Shelter." Has the same meaning as defined and used in Section 50801(e) of the California Health and Safety Code.
   "Employee." Shall include independent contractors and unpaid volunteers. The term "employ" shall include, without limitation, using or allowing services to be provided by an independent contractor or unpaid volunteer.
   "Entertainment."  Every form of live entertainment including, without limitation, any music, band or orchestra, act, play, burlesque, revue, pantomime, scene, karaoke, song or dance act or dancing by patrons. "Entertainment" includes, without limitation, a single event, a series of events, or an ongoing activity or business, occurring alone or as part of another business, to which the public is invited to watch, listen, or participate.
   "Entertainment Premises."  Any premises used for a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, nightclub, or establishment serving food, and/or other refreshments and where amusement and entertainment activities are conducted.
   "Entity."  Any firm, partnership, corporation, joint venture, unincorporated association or other association of any type or nature.
   "Expressway, Scenic."  A road intended to permit a relatively unimpeded traffic flow while allowing for motorists to view scenic features as they drive; "Scenic Expressways" are shown on the Roadway Network map of the General Plan.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 6234 § 4; February 28, 2012:  Ord. 6245 § 92; June 5, 2012:  Ord. 6419 § 12; August 29, 2017:  Ord. 6483 § 12; June 9, 2020.)