.010   Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission is the approval authority for conditional use permits.
   .015   Planning Director.  The Planning Director is the approval authority for minor conditional use permits.
   .020   Unlisted Uses Permitted.  The City Council has determined that, because it is impossible to anticipate all potential future uses, the following provisions are enacted.
      .0201   If a use is not authorized or mentioned in any zone throughout the City, and the Planning Director has determined that the use does not fit into an existing use class as provided in subsection .020 (Inclusion of Specific Uses) of Section 18.36.020 (Classification of Uses), the use or type of development may be authorized by conditional use permit until such time as this Code is amended.
      .0202   If a use not expressly authorized or permitted in a particular zone (but which is authorized in another zone) which the Planning Director finds to be similar to, and compatible with, the uses permitted or conditionally permitted in the particular zone, it shall be deemed a use which may be conditionally permitted in the particular zone.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004: Ord. 6156 § 42; September 22, 2009:  Ord. 6169 § 8; April 27, 2010: Ord. 6432 § 38 (part); April 10, 2018.)