The approved time period to satisfy conditions of approval to establish an approved use or structure may be extended at the discretion of the Planning Director.
   .010   Application. Requests for extensions of time to comply with conditions of approval shall be made in writing, within six (6) months following the expiration date, and shall be accompanied by an application form and the appropriate filing fee. Upon application for extension of time, the expiration of the permit shall be stayed until a formal action has been taken on the extension request.
   .020   Required Findings. Before granting any request for an extension of time to comply with conditions of approval, the Planning Director shall make a finding of fact, by written notification, that all of the following findings exist.
      .0201   The extension of time will not extend the approval beyond two (2) extensions, with each extension not to exceed one (1) year, or any greater or lesser time increment specified in the written decision by the Planning Director.
      .0202   The approved project remains consistent with the General Plan and the zone district designation for the property.
      .0203   Either no code amendments have occurred that would cause the approval to be inconsistent with this title, or the petitioner has: (i) submitted revised plans demonstrating that the approved project can be modified to bring it into conformance with such code amendments; and (ii) agreed to modify the project to conform to such code amendments.
      .0204   The subject property is being maintained in a safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing condition, with no unremediated code violations on the property, as confirmed by an inspection of the subject property by the Community Preservation Division. Cost of inspection is established pursuant to subsection .030 of Section 1.01.389 (Enforcement of the Code – Community Preservation Officer – Inspection and Reinspections - Fees) of the Anaheim Municipal Code, and shall be paid by the applicant prior to consideration of the extension application by the Planning Director.
      .0205   No additional information or changed circumstances are present which contradict the facts necessary to support one or more of the required findings for the original approval of the project.
   .030   Start of Approval Term. The new approval term shall begin immediately after the original expiration date.
   .040   Appeals. The decision on an extension of time may be appealed to the appropriate appeal authority, in accordance with the appeal procedure in this chapter. (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004: Ord. 5998 § 49; October 25, 2005: Ord. 6156 § 31; September 22, 2009: Ord. 6317 § 24; March 3, 2015.)