Establishment of a use or approved structure shall occur within two (2) years of the effective date of permit approval, unless a different time period is established as part of the approval. The establishment term may be lengthened to match the establishment term of a concurrent land use application on the subject property. The use or structure shall be considered established when the provisions of either subsection .010 or subsection .020 below are met:
   .010   All the following exist:
      .0101   All required conditions of approval have been satisfied;
      .0102   All required construction permits have been obtained and completed,
      .0103   All grading work, structural foundations, and final inspections have been completed; and
      .0104   A certificate of occupancy has been issued and bonds guaranteeing site improvements have been released; or
   .020   All required conditions of approval have been satisfied for a use not requiring any building permits, and the use is operating in compliance with such approval. (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004: Ord. 6245 § 86; June 5, 2012.)