.010   Time Requirements. The approving authority shall take action on a development permit application in accordance with the time requirements in Section 65950 of the California Government Code, or the section that may be subsequently adopted to replace Section 65950, unless extended by mutual written agreement of the applicant and the approving authority.
   .020   Conditions of Approval. The approving authority may establish conditions of approval which are deemed reasonable and necessary to carry out the purpose of the specific permit. Such requirements may exceed minimum zoning code development standards. Conditions may be imposed to:
      .0201   Avoid or mitigate adverse impacts;
      .0202   Preserve the integrity and character of the zoning district and of the adjacent and nearby land uses;
      .0203   Implement the General Plan or other adopted planning policies; and
      .0204   Promote basic health, safety and welfare.
   .030   Existing violations. The approval authority may deny an application if there is any zoning, grading, building, housing code or other land use violation on the subject property. (Ord. 5920 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)