.010   Maximum Structural Height. Structures in excess of the maximum heights shown on the Anaheim Commercial Recreation Area Maximum Permitted Structural Height Map, which covers that area designated Commercial Recreation on the General Plan, and which generally extends to Walnut Street on the west, Ball Road, the I-5 Freeway and Vermont Street on the north, the I-5 Freeway on the east and Orangewood Avenue on the south, and which boundaries are more specifically shown on the map, shall be prohibited. Said map is on file in the Planning Department of the City of Anaheim, and is incorporated herein by this reference as if set forth in full herein. Maximum heights for the purposes of this section shall be measured, as shown on said map, to the highest point of the building or structure, including penthouses or roof structures for the housing of elevators, stairways, ventilating fans, cooling towers or similar equipment required to operate and maintain the building, fire or parapet walls, skylights, chimneys or similar structures.
   .020   Certification of Elevation. Plans for development of property subject to this section, proposing development in excess of two (2) stories or thirty (30) feet in height, shall identify existing grade level of the property, based upon elevation above mean sea level, as certified by a Licensed Surveyor or a Registered Civil Engineer satisfactory to the City Engineer, and provided at developer's sole expense.
   .030   Exceptions. Buildings lawfully in existence on the effective date of this section, which exceed the height limitations imposed herein, shall be permitted to rebuild to the height of the existing structures, provided the portions of such rebuilt structures which exceed the height limitations shall not exceed the air space envelope of the portion of the existing building above the height limitations. (Ord. 5379 § 1; June 29, 1993: Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)