In addition to the provisions contained in Sections 18.20.150 and 18.38.240, the following shall also apply to the area described as The Platinum Triangle as described in the Platinum Triangle Master Land Use Plan.
   .010   Temporary display of banners shall be limited to the following:
      .0101   One banner shall be allowed to be displayed on the premises, provided that the banner is used in association with an on-site special event; the message on the banner will be limited to the name, logo of the business and/or the event.
   .020   Prohibited advertising and display.
      .0201   Outdoor displays and/or sales of merchandise or promotional materials in a location that is visible from a public right-of-way and/or adjacent property;
      .0202   Inflatable advertising displays;
      .0203   Outdoor advertising of merchandise, products and/or services;
      .0204   Roof-mounted displays of flags, banners, balloons, inflatable devices, or similar displays;
      .0205   Display of pennants or pennant-type banners in a location that is visible from a public right-of-way and/or adjacent properties;
      .0206   Flags, banners or balloons displayed in a landscape area or on a fence; and
      .0207   Balloons, worn, frayed or faded flags.
   .030   Carnivals & Circuses.  In addition to the requirements contained in Section 18.38.095 (Carnivals and Circuses) a conditional use permit shall be required for Carnivals & Circuses.
   .040   Stadium District and Arena District. Special Events in these districts shall be processed in accordance with the application requirements listed in 18.38.240 (Special Events).
      .0401   Special Event Permits in Stadium District Sub-Area A in the Arena District are not limited to the events or requirements listed in 18.38.240 and are subject to approval of the Planning and Building Director.  (Ord. 6116 § 7; October 14, 2008:  Ord. 6245 § 60;  June 5, 2012:  Ord. 6506 § 38; February 9, 2021.)