.010   Parking Demand Study. Due to variations in parking demand and needs of each Planned Mixed Use Development, vehicle parking requirements and the design of the parking areas, including ingress and egress, shall be determined as part of the final plan review process, based on information contained in a parking demand study prepared by a California-licensed, independent traffic engineer, as approved by the Planning Services Manager of the Planning and Building Department and/or his or her designee.  The parking demand study shall be prepared at the developer’s expense at the time of application for the use.
   .020   Number of Spaces for Residential Uses.  A minimum of one (1) designated parking space for each residential unit shall be required, either on-site or on another lot within three hundred (300) feet of the project.  In addition to this requirement, the parking requirements in Chapter 18.42 (Parking and Loading) shall be used only as a guide in determining parking need. 
   .030   Designation of Parking for Residential and Non-Residential Uses.  Parking spaces specifically designated for non-residential and residential uses shall be marked by the use of posting, pavement markings, and/or physical separation.  Parking design shall also consider the use of separate entrances and exits, or a designated lane, for residents, so that residents are not waiting in line behind non-residential drivers.  Parking structures shall be architecturally integrated with the project design.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 6101 § 17; April 22, 2008:  Ord. 6352 § 4; December 15, 2015:  Ord. 6357 § 4; February 9, 2016.)