18.30.010   PURPOSE.
   .010   Purpose.  The purpose of this chapter is to establish the Downtown Mixed Use Overlay Zone (the (DMU) Overlay Zone).  The purpose of the (DMU) Overlay Zone is to provide opportunities for development, consistent with the policy direction in the City of Anaheim General Plan.
   .020   Objectives.  The (DMU) Overlay Zone has the following major objectives:
      .0201   To encourage superior, designed, mixed use development projects that combine residential with non-residential uses, including office, retail, business services, personal services, public spaces and uses, and other community amenities as a means to continue downtown revitalization.
      .0202   To encourage a full array of diverse land use types and structures, including redevelopment of existing structures, creating an active street life, and enhancing vitality of businesses.
      .0203   To encourage pedestrian activity and reduce dependence on the automobile for everyday needs.
      .0204   To encourage compatibility between residential and commercial uses, both on-site and where residential zones directly abut commercial zones, by permitting greater design flexibility.
      .0205   To ensure that the appearance and effects of buildings, improvements, and uses are harmonious with the character of the area in which they are located.
      .0206   To encourage consistency with, and implement the provisions of, the Community Design Element of the General Plan, the Downtown Guide to Development, the Redevelopment Plan for the Alpha Downtown Redevelopment Project Area and other related plans for Downtown Anaheim.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 6352, § 1; December 15, 2015:  Ord. 6357 § 1; February 9, 2016.)