.010   Except as otherwise specified herein, adoption of an ordinance to reclassify property to the (SABC) Overlay Zone shall be in accordance with Chapter 18.76 (Zoning Amendments).
   .020   Prior to introduction of an ordinance to reclassify any parcel or parcels located in the (SABC) Overlay Zone Area, the following shall be submitted to the Planning Department:
      .0201   A letter from the property owner (or property owners, where applicable) or the property owner's authorized agent, requesting reclassification to the (SABC) Overlay Zone;
      .0202   A current title report or preliminary title report, showing the legal vesting of title and containing a legal description of the property;
      .0203   A map of the property (including scale and dimensions); and
      .0204   The filing fee in an amount as specified by resolution of the City Council.
   .030   The property owner/developer shall be responsible for compliance with all applicable conditions of approval and mitigation measures included in Mitigation Monitoring Program No.  112, a copy of which is attached to Ordinance No. 5748, adopted December 12, 2000, as "Attachment B" and incorporated herein.  All mitigation measures are included as part of Mitigation Monitoring Program No.  112 for this project (as required by Section 21081.6 of the California Public Resources Code).  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)