.010   Restrictions on Location.
      No person shall conduct, carry on or manage the business of, or maintain any amusement device which contains any pay- off device for the return of coins, slugs, tokens, money, checks or merchandise.
   .020   Operational Standards.
      .0201   The operation of any amusement device shall not violate any provision of the Anaheim Municipal Code or any other city, state or federal law.
      .0202   The number of persons occupying the facility shall not exceed the maximum occupancy of the business premises as determined by the Anaheim Fire Department.  Signs stating the maximum permitted occupancy shall be posted in a conspicuous place on an approved sign near the main exit from the room.
      .0203   The business shall not employ or permit any person to solicit or encourage others, directly or indirectly to buy them drinks in the licenses premises under any commission, percentage, salary or other profit-sharing plan, scheme or conspiracy.
      .0204   The business premises shall not be hazardous to the health or safety of the employees or patrons, or the general public, under the standards established by the Uniform Fire or Building Codes.
      .0205   No pyrotechnical material, special effects, open flame devices, or fireworks shall be allowed unless a permit is previously issued in writing by the Anaheim Fire Department and unless a permit is previously issued in writing by the Anaheim Fire Department and unless the display is in strict accordance with any ordinance adopted by the Anaheim City Council regulating such displays.
      .0206   The permitted amusement device shall not create sound levels which violate any ordinance in the City of Anaheim.
      .0207   At all times that the amusement activity is conducted, security measures shall be adequate to deter unlawful conduct on the part of employees and patrons, to promote the safe and orderly assembly and movement of persons and vehicles, and to prevent disturbance of the neighborhood by excessive noise created by patrons entering or leaving the premises.
      .0208   At all times amusement activity is permitted, except during times of entry or exit, emergencies and deliveries, the doors shall remain closed.
      .0209   No admission fee, cover charge, advance pre-payment for meals, or similar fees shall be imposed upon patrons as a condition of entry to the premises without a valid permit to do so.
      .0210   The owner or entity will not engage in, conduct or carry on any activity for which a sex-oriented business permit is required under Section 18.54.030 of the Anaheim Municipal Code without a valid permit to do so.
   .040   Unlawful Devices Prohibited.  Nothing in this section contained shall be construed to permit the licensing, maintenance or operation of any mechanical device or apparatus which is contrary to any of the laws of the State or the ordinances of the City; nor to permit the operation of any mechanical play device licensed hereunder in such a manner as to be contrary to any of said laws or ordinances.
   .050   Seizure of Unlawful Devices.  In the event that any person or persons, firm, copartnership or corporation shall conduct, carry on or manage the business of maintaining any game, exhibition, shuffleboard game, or recreational, mechanical or musical device or shall operate any of such devices without obtaining a license therefor, or shall fail to pay the license fees therefor as provided in this Code, the Chief of Police shall seize such game, exhibition, amusement, recreational, mechanical or musical device and hold them as security for payment of the license fee, and until a license is obtained or renewed, and in the event the person owning or having control or possession of the device shall fail, within a period of thirty days to obtain a license or pay any fees due, then and in that event the device shall be disposed of as follows:
      .0501   The device or devices or so many thereof shall be sold to satisfy the amount of permit/license fees due the City and any device or devices not sold shall be returned to the owner thereof; and provided further that in the event the device or devices be sold for a sum of less than the amount of the permit/license fee that the operator of the devices shall, nevertheless, remain liable for the balance of such fees due and unpaid thereon.  (Ord. 6245 § 29 (part); June 5, 2012.)