.010   An application for the deferral of impact fees as specified in Section 17.38.020 of this chapter shall be filed in writing on forms prescribed by the Planning Director and shall be filed with the Planning Department. The application shall include a current preliminary title report, unless such requirement is waived by the Planning Director or his or her designee.
   .020   An application shall be approved by the Planning Director or his or her designee, within fifteen (15) days of its submittal, unless it is found and determined that one or more of the following factors exist:
   .0201   The application is deemed incomplete or has not been signed by the applicant.
   .0202   A current preliminary title report has not been submitted in conjunction with the application, unless such requirement has been waived by the Planning Director or his or her designee as provided in subsection .010, above.
   .0203   The Planning Director determines that the impact fees will be collected for public improvements or facilities for which an account has been established and funds appropriated and for which the local agency has adopted a proposed construction schedule or plan prior to final inspection or issuance of a temporary or final certificate of occupancy or the impact fees are to reimburse the City for expenditures previously made.  (Ord. 6155 § 1 (part); September 1, 2009: Ord. 6300 § 1 (part); June 17, 2014.)