.010   Development permit review and approval.  Review all permit applications to determine if the proposed development adversely affects the flood carrying capacity of the area of special flood hazard. For purposes of this chapter, "adversely affects" means that the cumulative effect of the proposed development when combined with all other existing and anticipated development will not increase the water surface elevation of the base flood more than one foot to any point.
   .020   Alteration of watercourses.
   .0201   Notify, in riverain situations, adjacent communities and the State Department of Water Resources prior to any alteration or relocation of a watercourse, and submit copies of such notification to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
   .0202   Require that the flood carrying capacity of the altered or relocated portion of said watercourse is maintained.
   .030   Interpretation of FIRM Boundaries. Make interpretations where needed, as to the exact location of the boundaries of the areas of special flood hazards (for example, where there appears to be a conflict between a mapped boundary and actual field conditions). The person contesting the location of the boundary shall be given a reasonable opportunity to appeal the interpretation as provided in Section 17.28.190 hereof.
   .031   Require applicants who submit hydrologic and hydraulic engineering analyses to support permit applications to submit to FEMA the data and information necessary to maintain the Flood Insurance Rate Maps when the analyses indicate changes in base flood elevations, flood hazard area boundaries, or floodway designations; such submissions shall be made within six (6) months of such data becoming available. (Ord. 5547 § 9; December 19, 1995:  Ord. 6512 § 12; August 24, 2021.)