A development permit shall be obtained before any construction, subdivision, structure and substantial improvement, other development, or placement of a mobile home begins within any area of special flood hazard established pursuant to Section 17.28.050, hereof. Application for a development permit shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, plans in duplicate drawn to scale showing the nature, location, dimensions and elevation of the area in question; existing or proposed structures, fill, storage of materials, drainage facilities; and the location of the foregoing. Specifically, the following information shall be required and prepared by a registered professional engineer or architect:
   .010   Proposed elevation in relation to mean sea level of the lowest floor (including basement) of all structures. In zone AO, elevation of the highest adjacent grade and proposed elevation of lowest floor of all structures;
   .020   Proposed elevation in relation to mean sea level, to which any non-residential structure will be floodproofed;
   .030   Certification by a registered professional engineer or architect that the floodproofing methods for any nonresidential structure meet the floodproofing criteria in Section and shall be noted on all plans and drawings submitted;
   .040   Description of the extent to which any watercourse will be altered or relocated as a result of proposed development;
   .050   Drainage studies and plans, indicating how site grading, in conjunction with any necessary drainage conveyance systems, including applicable swales, watercourses, channels, street flows, catch basins, storm drains, and floodwater retarding, will provide building pads and lowest flood elevations that are safe from flood flows, which may be expected from floods up to and including the design flood;
   .060   Grading plans, including identified, on-site, finished grade elevations and the design flood elevations, both related to mean sea level;
   .070   Structural plans, including height of the lowest floor, including basement, related to mean sea level;
   .080   For development in Approximate Zone A areas, obtain, review, and reasonably utilize any available Base Flood Elevation (BFE) data from federal, state, or other sources in order for the Floodplains Administrator to establish a BFE; and
   .090   Where BFE or floodway data are not included on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) or in the Flood Insurance Study (FIS), Base Flood Elevation data prepared by a registered professional engineer in accordance with currently accepted engineering practices. Such analyses shall be performed and sealed by a registered professional engineer. Studies, analyses and computations shall be submitted in sufficient detail to allow review and approval by the Planning Director, or designee. The accuracy of data submitted for such determination shall be the responsibility of the applicant. (Ord. 4138 § 1 (part); June 3, 1980: Ord. 4879 § 9; December 1, 1987: Ord. 5217 § 5; May 7, 1991: Ord. 5547 § 7; December 19, 1995: Ord. 5681 § 6; May 11, 1999: Ord. 6512 § 9; August 24, 2021.)