17.24.030 UNLAWFUL ACTS.
   .010   It shall be unlawful for any Person to construct, install, or erect Overhead Facilities in the City of Anaheim except as otherwise provided in this Chapter.
   .020   Whenever the Council, by resolution, creates an Underground Utility District, it shall be unlawful for any Person to keep, maintain, continue, or replace Overhead Facilities in the District after the date such Overhead Facilities are ordered to be removed by such resolution, except as to those Overhead Facilities minimally necessary to furnish service to an owner or occupant of property prior to and during the process of undergrounding said Overhead Facilities, and except as otherwise provided for in this Chapter. (Ord. 5281 § 1 (part); January 14, 1992: Ord. 6416 § 3 (part); August 15, 2017.)