17.24.020 PURPOSE.
   To improve the reliability of electrical and communication services for the benefit of residential and commercial Utility customers, to increase property values, to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the City; to reduce the cost of tree trimming and replacement of Overhead Facilities; to reduce outages caused by winds, storms, and accidents; to reduce the risk of fires and improve public safety by removing potential obstacles in traffic accidents; and to otherwise provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the public or to protect and improve the quality of the public's urban environment, the City deems it necessary that, where feasible and within the Council's jurisdiction, all existing and future Overhead Facilities be undergrounded in or through the City. (Ord. 5281 § 1 (part); January 14, 1992: Ord. 6416 § 3 (part); August 15, 2017.)