.010   Within ninety days of a surface mining operation becoming idle, as defined in this Chapter, the operator shall submit to the Planning Department an interim management plan.  The interim management plan  shall  fully  comply  with  the  requirements  of SMARA, Sec. 2770(h), and shall provide measures that the operator will implement to maintain the site in compliance with SMARA, including, but not limited to, all conditions of the conditional use permit and/or reclamation plan.  The interim management plan shall be processed as an amendment to the reclamation plan and shall not be considered a project for the purposes of environmental review.
   .020   Financial assurances of idle operations shall be continued as addressed in the reclamation plan or as otherwise approved through the idle mine's interim management plan.
   .030   Within sixty days of receipt of the interim management plan, or a longer period mutually agreed upon by the Planning Department and the operator, the Planning Commission shall review and approve, conditionally approve or preliminarily deny the plan in accordance with this Chapter.  In the event of a preliminary denial, the operator shall have thirty days or a longer period mutually agreed upon by the Planning Department and the operator to submit a revised plan.  The Planning Commission shall approve, conditionally approve or deny the revised interim management plan within sixty days of receipt.  If the operator does not submit a revised interim management plan by the required date, the Planning Commission's preliminary action denying the interim management plan shall be considered the Planning Commission's decision as of the date the plan should have been submitted.  The Planning Commission's action shall be final, subject to appeal to the City Council in the time and manner otherwise set forth for conditional use permits pursuant to Chapter 18.66 of this Code.  The decision of the City Council shall be deemed final.
   .040   The approved interim management plan may remain in effect for a period not to exceed five years.
   .050   The Planning Commission may renew the interim management plan for another period not to exceed five years if requested by the surface mining operator, or require the operator to commence reclamation in accordance with the approved reclamation plan.  (Ord. 5699 § 1 (part); September 21, 1999.)