In addition to the findings for approval of conditional use permits specified in Section 18.66.060 "Findings" of this Code, prior to approval of a reclamation plan, the following findings shall be required based upon the information submitted by the applicant, the evaluation of the City's independent consultant and the evidence submitted at the public hearing:
   .010   That the Reclamation Plan complies with the California Surface Mining and Reclamation Act and any other applicable provisions;
   .020   That the Reclamation Plan complies with applicable requirements of the State of California regulations as determined by the City;
   .030   That the Reclamation Plan and potential use of reclaimed land pursuant to the Plan are consistent with Chapter 17.20 "Excavation and Recovery of Nonfuel Minerals and Reclamation of Mined Lands" of the Anaheim Municipal Code and the City of Anaheim General Plan including the Conservation Element of the General Plan;
   .040   That, through the Reclamation Plan, all significant adverse impacts, if any, on lands to be reclaimed as a result of the surface mining operations are mitigated to the extent feasible;
   .050   That the land and/or resources such as water bodies to be reclaimed will be restored to a condition that is compatible with and blends in with the surrounding natural environment, topography and other resources, or that suitable off-site development will compensate for related disturbances to resource values; and
   .060   That the Reclamation Plan will restore the mined lands to a usable condition which is readily adaptable  to alternative land  uses  consistent  with  the City's General Plan including the Conservation Element of the General Plan.  (Ord. 5699 § 1 (part); September 21, 1999.)