Reclamation activities shall  be phased with respect to the phasing of the mining operation and shall be initiated at the earliest possible time on those portions of the mined lands that will not be subject to further disturbance.  Interim reclamation may also be required for mined lands that have been disturbed and will be disturbed again in future operations.  Reclamation may be done on an annual basis, or in stages compatible with continuing operations, or on completion of all excavation, removal, or fill, as approved by the City.  Each phase of reclamation shall be specifically described in the reclamation plan and shall include: the expected beginning and ending dates for each phase, all anticipated reclamation activities, criteria for measuring completion of specific reclamation activities, and estimated costs as provided in Section 17.20.100 "Financial Assurances for Reclamation Plans" of this Chapter.  The Planning Commission shall review and approve a reclamation schedule as part of the reclamation plan.  (Ord. 5699 § 1 (part); September 21, 1999.)