.010   Requirement for a Conditional Use Permit.  Unless exempted by provisions of this Chapter, a conditional use permit as provided under Chapter 18.66 "Conditional Use Permits"  of the Anaheim Municipal Code shall be required for all surface mining operations; and shall be required for the substantial expansion or change of operation of any surface mine for which such expansion or changes have not been previously approved.
   .020   Annexation of Nonconforming Uses.  The provisions of Section 18.56.090 "Uses and Structures Made Nonconforming by Annexation" of this Code shall apply to existing nonconforming uses annexed into the City of Anaheim.
   .030   Requirement for Reclamation Plan.  A reclamation plan shall be required for all surface mining operations in which surface mining is allowed, as well as  for  those  portions  of  existing  surface  mining operations conducted after January 1, 1976, unless a reclamation plan was approved by the city or county prior to that date and the person or entity submitting that plan has accepted responsibility for carrying out the plan.  Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed as requiring the filing of a reclamation plan for, or the reclamation of, mined lands on which surface mining operations were conducted legally and in compliance with all applicable city or county regulations and completed prior to January 1, 1976,
   .040   Exemptions.  A reclamation plan shall not be required for any of the following activities:
   .0401   Excavations of grading conducted for farming or onsite construction or for the purpose of restoring land following a flood or other natural disaster;
   .0402   Prospecting for, or the extraction of, minerals for commercial purposes and the removal of overburden in total amounts of less than one thousand cubic yards in any one location of one acre or less;
   .0403   Surface mining operations that are required by federal law in order to protect a mining claim, if such operations are conducted solely for that purpose; and
   .0404   Such other surface mining operations which the State Mining and Geology Board determines to be of an infrequent nature and which involve only minor surface disturbances.  (Ord. 5699 § 1 (part); September 21, 1999.)