17.20.010  PURPOSE.
   .010   The City of Anaheim recognizes that the extraction of minerals is essential to the continued economic well-being of the City and to the needs of society and that the reclamation of mined lands is necessary to prevent or minimize adverse effects on the environment and to protect the public health and safety.  The City also recognizes that surface mining takes place in diverse areas where the geologic, topographic, climatic, biological and social conditions are significantly different and that reclamation operations and the specifications therefore may vary accordingly.  The purpose and intent of this Chapter is to regulate surface mining operations as authorized by the California Surface Mining and Reclamation Act ("SMARA") of 1975, Public Resources Code Section 2710 et seq., as amended, hereinafter referred to as SMARA, to ensure that:
   .0101   The adverse effects, if any, of surface mining operations will be prevented or minimized and that the reclamation of mined lands will provide for the beneficial, sustainable long-term productive use of the mined and reclaimed lands; and
   .0102   The production and conservation of minerals will be encouraged while minimizing to the extent feasible hazards to public health and safety and avoiding or minimizing adverse effects on the environment, including but not limited to geologic subsidence, air pollution, water quality degradation, damage to biological resources, flooding, erosion, degradation of scenic quality and noise pollution.
   .020   In the event of any conflict or inconsistencies between any provision contained in any other Chapter of this Code and any provision contained in this Chapter, the provision contained in this Chapter shall govern and apply.  (Ord. 5699 § 1 (part); September 21, 1999.)