17.12.140 APPEALS.
   .010   The City Council shall have and exercise the power to hear and determine appeals where it is alleged there is error or abuse of discretion in any order, requirement, decision or determination made in the administration or enforcement of any of the provisions of this chapter.
   .020   An appeal shall be in writing and shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk. An appeal from any order, requirement, decision or determination must set forth specifically wherein it is claimed there was an error or abuse of discretion by his action or where the decision is not supported by the evidence in the matter.
   .030   No appeal filed later than ten days from and after the date of the order, requirement, decision or determination complained of will be accepted by the City Council.
   .040   The City Manager shall transmit to the City Council, at their next regular meeting, all papers involved in the proceedings of the appeal. In addition, he may make and transmit to the City Council such supplementary reports as he may deem necessary to present clearly the facts and circumstances of the case.
   .050   Upon receipt of the record, the City Council shall set the matter for hearing and give notice by mail of the time, place and purpose thereof to the appellant and to the City Manager and any other party at interest who has requested in writing to be so notified and no other notice need be given.
   .060   Upon the date of the hearing, the City Council shall hear the appeal, unless for cause the City Council shall on that date continue the matter. No notice of continuance need be given if the order therefor be announced at the time for which the hearing was set.
   .070   Upon the hearing of such appeal, the City Council may affirm, change or modify the ruling, decision or determination appealed from or in lieu thereof may make such other or additional determinations as it shall deem proper in the premises subject to the same limitations as are placed upon the City Manager by this chapter and by other provisions of law. (Ord. 2196 § 1 (part); October 19, 1965.)