.010   Electrical Equipment. All electrical equipment used, installed or maintained within fifty feet of a drilling well and within twenty-five feet of a producing well shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the regulations of the California Electrical Safety Orders, Article 22, Hazardous Locations, Class I, Division 2.
   .020   Internal Combustion Engines, Storage Tanks, Fired Equipment and Open Flames. No internal combustion engine, storage tanks, boiler, fired equipment or open flames except welding supervised by the production foreman, drilling foreman, drilling engineer, drilling supervisors or safety supervisors shall be located closer than twenty-five feet to a producing well nor closer than one hundred feet to a drilling well. Internal combustion engines (and their fuel tanks) used in the drilling production and servicing of oil wells are exempt from the above provisions. During drilling operations on a drill site of two acres or less in area where two or more wells are drilled and drilling and production equipment are located on such sites, the provisions of this subsection relating to distances of storage tanks may be altered at the discretion of the City Manager after consideration of the special features such as: topographic conditions, nature of occupancy, and proximity to buildings on adjoining property and height and character of construction of such buildings; capacity and construction of proposed tanks and character of liquids to be stored; degree of private fire protection to be provided, and facilities of the Fire Department to cope with flammable liquid fires.
   .030   Muffling Exhaust. The engines used in connection with the drilling of any oil well or in any production equipment of any oil well shall be equipped with an exhaust muffler to prevent excessive or unusual noise.
   Means shall be provided on all engines used during drilling operations to prevent the escape of flames, sparks ignited carbon and soot.
   .040   Flammable Waste Gases and Vapors. Flammable waste gases or vapors escaping from a production drill site shall be burned or controlled to prevent hazardous concentrations reaching sources of ignition or otherwise endangering the area.
   .0401   Flares. Approved means of ignition shall be provided whenever hydrocarbon gases are released to the air through flares.
   .0402   Venting. Gases or vapors not burned may be discharged to the atmosphere at not less than twenty feet vertically above grade and not less than twenty-five feet horizontally from any source of ignition and at locations that do not create a hazard to the general area.
   .050   Waste Control of Drill Site.
   .0501   No person shall permit or cause to be permitted the discharge of any liquid containing crude petroleum or its products into or upon any street, public highway, drainage canal or ditch, storm drain or flood control channel.
   .0502   No person shall permit or cause to be permitted any oil, waste oil, refuse or waste material to be on the surface of the ground, under, around or near any oil well, pump, boiler, oil storage tank or building except within an oil sump, tank, catchment basin or skimming pond.
   .0503   All land within twenty-five feet of any oil well, flammable liquid tank or other appurtenance to any such well shall be at all times kept free and clear of dry weeds, grass, rubbish or other combustible debris. When this distance is not sufficient to provide reasonable fire safety, a greater distance may be required which shall not exceed the height of the derrick or the greatest dimension of the tank.
   .060   Smoking. No person shall smoke or cause, permit or allow another person to smoke within fifty feet of any well, tank location or any area contaminated by oil or waste gas.
   .070   Fire Control Equipment. A minimum of two fire extinguishers shall be maintained at all oil well locations where drilling, servicing or repair work is being conducted. Each such extinguisher shall have a minimum classification of 20B as set forth in NBFU No. 10, NFPA No. 10, "First Aid Fire Appliance." (Ord. 2196 § 1 (part); October 19, 1965.)