Except as provided in subsection .020 of this section, no drilling, redrilling, work or construction shall be done beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining the written approval of the City Manager.
   .010   Site Preparation.
   .0101   The well location shall be clearly marked by a stake or other suitable means and identified as the "well location."
   .0102   The drill site shall be prepared as required in these regulations and shall be of such size as to provide for the safe erection of the mast or derrick and all appurtenant structures thereto as indicated on the approved plot plan.
   .0103   Any private road used for ingress and egress of equipment to the drill site shall be prepared as required by these regulations.
   .0104   The proposed well shall be located in conformity with these regulations as to the distances from streets, outer boundaries, public buildings and dwellings.
   .020   Commencement of Drilling. The City Manager shall be called and notified when the drilling derrick or mast has been erected in conformity with these regulations and all necessary equipment pertinent to the drilling operations thereof has been installed and is on the site. Drilling may proceed prior to inspection of the derrick or mast, provided that its design has been previously approved by the City Manager. It will be the obligation of the City Manager to inspect such facilities as to their conformity with these regulations as soon as reasonably practicable.
   .030   Release of Drilling Crew. The City Manager shall be notified immediately, in writing, when the drilling crew is released and it shall then be his duty to inspect.
   .040   Completion of Drilling. Upon completion of drilling operations an inspection request shall be called for.
   .050   Abandonment. An inspection shall be made subsequent to the approval of the abandonment notice and the City Manager shall certify that the well has been abandoned in conformity with all regulations to a depth of six feet below grade. (Ord. 2196 § 1 (part); October 19, 1965.)