It shall be the responsibility of the City Manager to determine that the drill site and all facilities pertinent thereto have been restored to their original condition as nearly as practicable in conformity with the regulations of this chapter including the following requirements:
   .010   Standard. It shall be the responsibility of the operator to comply with the abandonment provision of this chapter and he shall furnish the City Manager with .0101 a copy of the approval of Division of Oil and Gas confirming compliance with all abandonment proceedings under State law, and .0102 a notice of intention to abandon under the provisions of this section and stating the date such work will be commenced. Abandonment may then be commenced on or subsequent to the date so stated.
   Abandonment shall be approved by the City Manager after restoration of the drill site and the subsurface thereof has been accomplished in conformity with the following requirements:
   .0101   The derrick and all appurtenant equipment thereto shall be removed from the drill site.
   .0102   All tanks, towers and other surface installations shall be removed from the drill site.
   .0103   All concrete, pipe, wood and other foreign materials shall be removed from the drill site to a depth of six feet below grade, unless part of a multi-well cellar then being used in connection with any other well for which a permit has been issued.
   .0104   The oil well casing shall be cut off at a point six feet below the drill site grade at the cellar. Nothing shall be placed in the hole above the point of cut-off until the cut-off has been inspected by the City Manager and by him found to be in compliance with all applicable provisions of law.
   .0105   The top twenty-five feet of the remaining casing shall be filled with a cement plug to prevent gas fumes from escaping.
   .0106   A steel cap of not less than the same thickness as the well casing shall be tack welded to the casing in a minimum of four places.
   .0107   All holes and depressions shall be filled and packed with native earth. All oil, waste oil, refuse or waste material shall be removed from the drill site.
   .020   Conversion to Water Well. A well may be converted to a domestic or agricultural water well upon the approval of the City Manager after:
   .0201   A request in writing by the landowner has been made to the City Manager;
   .0202   An original or certified copy of the approved conversion permit from the Division of Oil and Gas has been furnished the City Manager;
   .0203   All the provisions of abandonment in the preceding subsection have been complied with except that those appurtenances necessary for the operation of a water well may be retained. (Ord. 2196 § 1 (part); October 19, 1965.)