17.12.060 PERMIT FEES.
   .010   Drilling or Redrilling Permit Fees. A fee for each drilling permit or redrilling permit shall be paid to the City of Anaheim as set forth in subsection .050 of this section.
   Where drilling, redrilling construction or other work for which a permit is required by this chapter is started or proceeded with prior to obtaining said permit, the fees hereunder specified shall be doubled, but the payment of such double fee shall not relieve any persons, firms, corporations or employees from fully complying with the requirements of this chapter or the execution of the work, nor from any other penalties prescribed herein.
   .020   Plan Checking Fees. A plan checking fee shall not be charged for the derrick or its appurtenances. A plan checking fee shall be charged for all permanent buildings, production tanks, washing tanks, skim ponds and such other structures not directly connected with the derrick itself. A plan checking fee shall be charged for oil well cellars designed to accommodate more than one oil well. The plan checking fee shall be equal to one-half of the building permit fee as set forth in subsection .050 of this section.
   .030   Annual Inspection Fees. The City Manager shall inspect annually, and at such other times as he deems necessary, each producing oil well and suspended oil well regulated by this chapter for the purpose of ascertaining whether the well is being operated or maintained in conformity with the minimum standards of this chapter. To meet the expense of such inspection, the operator shall pay to the City of Anaheim an annual inspection fee as specified in subsection .050 of this section. The year for which each fee is applicable runs from July 1st to June 30th. The fees shall be based upon the total number of wells existing (whether producing or not) on July 1st. The fees shall be due prior to July 10th of the year to which they pertain. No additional fee shall be charged for additional inspections which may be required during the year. The City Manager shall keep a permanent, accurate account of all annual inspection fees collected and received under this chapter, the name of the operator for whose account the same were paid, the date and amount thereof, together with the well name and designation and the general location of the well. A report of the City Manager's annual inspection findings shall be furnished the operator.
   .040   Building Permit Fees. A building permit fee shall be charged for the erection or construction or relocation of any permanent building, tank or other structures hereinabove included and such fee shall be based on the total valuation of the structure when completed.
   .050   Permit and Inspection Fees.
   .0501   The sum of one hundred dollars shall be charged for the drilling or redrilling of any oil well, no part of which shall be refundable.
   .0502   Annual Inspection Fees. The sum of ten dollars per well shall be charged for the annual inspection of each existing, suspended or producing oil well.
   .0503   All construction work for which a building permit is required shall be based upon the fees listed in the current Uniform Building Code adopted by the City Council.
   .060   Permit Utilization. No permit issued hereunder shall be valid unless utilization of the privileges granted thereby be commenced within sixty days from and after the date of issuance of the permit and diligently and progressively prosecuted thereafter. (Ord. 2196 § 1 (part); October 19, 1965.)