The applicant shall file an application in writing for a permit on a form furnished for that purpose by the City Manager. The application shall be accompanied by:
   .010   A complete legal description of the property;
   .020   A fully informative plot plan showing the location of the well, the location of which has been staked on the ground, appurtenant structures and their relation to any existing hospital, sanitarium, church, rest home, airport, school and dwelling within the radius required by this chapter;
   .030   Plans and engineering specifications of structures, drilling derricks, drilling masts, tanks and high pressure systems regulated by this chapter. Applicant need not file plans and engineering specifications of standard derricks, masts and tanks when such plans and specifications are already on file with the City Manager;
   .040   A corporate surety bond in conformity with the provisions of Section 17.12.050;
   .050   A verified statement signed by the applicant certifying that he is duly authorized by operator to make and file the application and that he has read the application and the same is true and correct;
   .060   An acknowledged statement in writing by the owner of the surface rights of the drill site and by the owner of any private land over which access is had to the drill site granting to the City of Anaheim the right to enter upon the drill site and such private land for the purpose of inspection and restoring the premises in the event the applicant should fail to do so;
   .070   A statement as to the means by which liquid spills will be removed from diked area or catchment basins;
   .080   Such other pertinent information as may be required by the City Manager;
   .090   A drilling permit may be amended as it relates to the drill site area and a drill site may be modified as to size and shape by filing with the City Manager of a modified plot plan if the modified drill site conforms to the applicable provisions of this chapter but not otherwise. (Ord. 2196 § 1 (part); October 19, 1965.)