17.12.020 DEFINITIONS.
   The following terms as used in this chapter shall, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, have the respective meanings herein set forth:
   .010   "Abandonment" is the restoration of the drill site as required by these regulations.
   .020   "City Manager" shall mean and include the City Manager of the City of Anaheim or his designated representative.
   .030   "A.P.I." is the American Petroleum Institute.
   .040   Approved. Approved by the City Manager, "approved type" or "approved design" is and includes improvements, equipment or facilities of a type or design approved by the City Manager.
   .050   "A.S.M.E." is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
   .060   "Blow-out" is the uncontrolled discharge of gas, liquid or solids or a mixture thereof from a well into the atmosphere.
   .070   "Blow-out preventer" is a mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic or other device or combination of such devices secured to the top of a well casing, including valves, fittings and control mechanisms connected therewith designed and capable of preventing a blowout.
   .080   "Cellar" is an excavation around or above the top joint of the casing in a well.
   .090   Completion of Drilling. A well is completed, for the purpose of these regulations, thirty days after the drilling crew has been released, unless drilling or remedial operations are resumed before the end of the thirty days.
   .100   "Derrick" is a framework, tower or mast together with all parts of an appurtenance to such structure, including any foundations, pump house, pipe racks and each and every part thereof, which is or are required, or used, or useful for the drilling for the production of oil, gas or other hydrocarbons from the earth except tanks used for storage purposes.
   .110   "Desertion" is the cessation of operations at a drill site without compliance with the provisions of the chapter relating to suspended operations or abandonment.
   .120   "Diligence," as used in these regulations, shall mean that the drilling derrick is in its operating position over the well, properly anchored and supported and that an operating crew is on duty at the drill site at all reasonable times.
   .130   "Division of oil and gas" shall mean the Division of Oil and Gas of the Department of Conservation of the Resources Agency of the State of California or any other State agency that may in the future be charged with its responsibilities.
   .140   "Drilling" means digging a hole in earth formation with a power-driven drill bit for the purpose of exploring for or developing of oil or gas. Drilling includes those operations that are concerned with the completion of a well. "Drilling" does not include "shot hole."
   .150   "Drill site" is the premises used during the drilling and subsequent life of a well or wells, which is necessary for the safe operation thereof.
   .160   "Dwelling" shall mean any building or structure which has for its primary purpose human residence.
   .170   "Gas" means the gaseous components or vapors occurring in or derived from petroleum or natural gas.
   .180   "Lessee" is the possessor of the right to exploit the premises for minerals.
   .190   "Lessor" is the mineral right owner.
   .200   "Maintenance" means and includes the repair and replacement of parts of a structure where same does not alter or lessen the strength or stability of the structure.
   .210   "Natural gasoline plant" or "absorption plant" is a plant for the processing of natural gas from the production wells and processed into its various components.
   .220   "Oil" includes petroleum, and petroleum includes oil.
   .230   "Operator" is the person, whether proprietor, lessee or independent contractor, actually in charge and in control of the drilling, maintenance, operation or pumping of a well or lease.
   .240   "Outer boundary line" shall be where several contiguous parcels of land in one or different ownerships are operated as a single oil or gas lease or operating unit. The term "outer boundary line" means the exterior limits of the land included in the lease or unit. In determining the contiguity of any such parcels of land, no street, road or alley lying within the lease or unit shall be deemed to interrupt such contiguity.
   .250   "Owner" is a person who owns a legal or equitable title in and to the surfaces of the drill site.
   .260   "Person" includes any individual, firm, association, corporation, joint venture or any other group or combination acting as a unit.
   .270   "Redrilling" shall mean the deepening of an existing oil well or otherwise drilling beyond the extremities of the existing well case. The provisions of this chapter relating to drilling shall be equally applicable to redrilling.
   .280   "Seismic petroleum prospecting" shall mean prospecting for oil by means of drilling holes into the ground, placing an explosive charge therein, and detonating such charge, thereby exciting an energy or sound wave through the earth, the results of which are recorded and read by seismograph equipment placed at various locations on the surface of the earth.
   .290   "Shot hole" shall mean the hole drilled in seismic petroleum prospecting.
   .300   "Source of ignition" means any flame, arc, spark or heated object or surface capable of igniting flammable liquids, gases or vapors.
   .310   "Street" is a public or private right-of-way which afford primary means of access to abutting property.
   .320   "Structure" shall mean anything constructed or erected, which requires location on the ground or attached to something having a location on the ground. A structure shall include, but not be limited to, a tank, edifice or building of any kind.
   .330   "Suspended operations" is the approved, temporary suspension of drilling or redrilling operations pending a resumption of operations or abandonment.
   .340   "Tank" is a container, covered or uncovered, used in conjunction with the drilling or production of an oil well, for holding or storing liquids at or near atmospheric pressure.
   .350   "Well" or "oil well" is a well or hole drilled into the earth for the purpose of exploring for or extracting from the earth oil, gas or other hydrocarbon substances or a well or hole in the earth by means of and through which oil, gas and other hydrocarbon substances are extracted, produced or capable of being produced from the earth, or a well or hole for the purpose of secondary recovery or disposal thereof. "Well" does not include "shot hole."
   .360   "Well servicing" is remedial or maintenance work performed within any existing well which does not involve drilling or redrilling. (Ord. 2196 § 1 (part); October 19, 1965.)