No charge, area of benefit or local benefit district shall be established for the purpose of defraying the actual or estimated cost of constructing bridges over waterways, railways, freeways, and canyons, or constructing major thoroughfares unless and until a public hearing in accordance with the provisions of Section 66484 of the Government Code of the State of California is held thereon by the City Council and the City Council finds that the fee or charge and the area of benefit or local benefit district is reasonably related to the cost of such supplemental improvements and the actual ultimate beneficiaries thereof.
   In addition to the notice required by this section, written notice of the hearing shall be given to the subdivider and to those who own property within the proposed area of benefit as shown on the latest equalized assessment roll, and the potential users of the supplemental improvements insofar as they can be ascertained at the time. Such notices shall be mailed by the City Clerk at least ten days prior to the date established for hearing. (Ord. 3743 § 2 (part); July 26, 1977.)