The City Council does hereby find, determine and declare as follows:
   .010   In 1975, the Legislature of the State of California amended the Subdivision Map Act (Section 66410 et seq. of the California Government Code) so as to enable cities and counties to require either the dedication of land, the payment of fees or a combination of both, for park and recreational purposes as a condition of approval of a parcel map; and
   .020   Section 66477 of the Subdivision Map Act provided for the regulations of the division of land which is not in a tract; and provided that such regulations for parcels are not more restrictive than the requirements for a tract;
   .030   Before a city may avail itself of the Act, it must have a general plan containing a recreational element with definite principles and standards for the park and recreational facilities to serve the residents of the city; and
   .040   The City Council of the City has adopted a general plan containing such recreational element. (Ord. 3474 § 2 (part); October 21, 1975.)