.010   Procedure. For subdivisions of fifty lots or less, only the payment of the in-lieu fee shall be accepted. In all other cases, the procedure for determining whether the subdivider is to dedicate land, and pay a development fee or pay a fee in lieu thereof shall be as follows:
   .0101   Action of City. At the time of the tentative tract map approval, the advisory agency shall determine, as a part of such approval, whether to require a dedication of land and payment of a development fee or a payment of a fee in lieu thereof.
   .0102   Prerequisites for Approval of Final Tract Map. Where dedication and fees are required, it shall be accomplished in accordance with the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act. Where area fees are required, the same shall be deposited with the City upon approval of a Final Tract Map.
   The determination of the advisory agency as to whether land shall be dedicated and payment of development fees required or whether a fee in lieu thereof shall be charged, shall be final.
   .020   Determination. Land offered for dedication pursuant to Sections 17.08.200 through 17.08.290 shall meet the criteria established in the Local Park Site Selection Criteria Policy. (Ord. 3474 § 2 (part); October 21, 1975: Ord. 3720 § 2 (part); June 21, 1977: Ord. 4913 § 1 (part); March 29, 1988.)