"Subdivision" refers to any real property improved or unimproved or portion thereof, or condominium project shown on the latest County tax roll as a unit, or as contiguous units, which is divided for the purpose of sale or lease, or financing, whether immediate or future, by any subdivider into two or more parcels or condominiums, provided that this chapter shall not apply to any of the following:
   .010   The financing or leasing of apartments, offices, stores or similar space within apartment buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, mobilehome parks or trailer parks;
   .020   Mineral, oil or gas leases;
   .030   Land dedicated for cemetery purposes under the Health and Safety Code of the State of California;
   .040   (Repealed by 5365, 5/4/93) (Ord. 3474 § 2 (part); October 21, 1975: Ord. 3720 § 2 (part); June 21, 1977; Ord. 3874 § 2; June 20, 1978.)