.010   No person shall do any excavation blasting without a permit therefor from a Fire Marshal of the City of Anaheim. The application for such a permit shall be on forms prescribed by him.
   .020   The application shall be accompanied by a fee of five dollars. If the Fire Marshal deems an inspection necessary at the blasting site, the fee for such inspection shall be seven dollars per hour. In the event that traffic control be required beyond that normally furnished, the permittee, or his agent, will be billed for the necessary police services at rates established for this service. In the event the Fire Marshal deems it necessary as a safety precaution to have fire equipment at the site, the charges for such equipment as may be necessary will be made against the permittee at the rates established for this service.
   .030   Insofar as applicable, the provisions of this chapter relating to conditions in permits, procedure and like matters shall govern excavation blasting permits; but the Fire Marshal shall continue to enforce all applicable laws on blasting under his jurisdiction that are not in conflict with this chapter, and the Fire Marshal may make and keep on file in his office any rules which have been approved by the City Manager establishing conditions for excavation blasting permits. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975.)