Any permit issued under this chapter may be revoked by the City Engineer after notice for:
   .010   Violation of any condition of the permit;
   .020   Violation of any provision of this chapter or any other applicable ordinance or law relating to the work;
   .030   The existence of any condition or the doing of any act endangering the lives or property of others.
   Written notice shall be served upon the person to whom the permit was granted, or his agent or employee engaged in the work. Such notice shall contain a brief statement of the grounds for revoking such permit. Notice may be given either by personal delivery thereof to the person to be notified or by deposit in the United States mail in a sealed envelope by certified mail with postage prepaid, addressed to such person to be notified at the address appearing in his application. In the event any appeal is taken from the decision of the City Engineer in the manner prescribed by Section 17.06.281, all work shall be stopped while the appeal is pending. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975.)