.010   Plans and Soils Report. Landscape and irrigation plans are required for all cut and fill slopes which require plantings. A copy of the soils engineering report on all slopes and a copy of the planting specifications shall be submitted with the landscape plans.
   .0101   Plan Submittal. Landscape and irrigation plans shall be submitted to the Development Services Department within sixty days after final approval of hillside as-graded grading plans. No application for a building permit will be approved without an approved landscape plan. In the interest of public safety and general welfare, the City Engineer may require approval of landscape plans prior to the issuance of a grading permit.
   .0102   Slope Areas. It shall be the responsibility of the landscape architect to insure that slope levels shown on the submitted landscape plans indicate the actual finished grade levels.
   .0103   Slope Category Designation. Slope category designations as outlined in Section 17.06.132 shall be indicated as outlined areas on the plan. The total slope areas shall be tabulated for each slope category on each sheet. Other planting areas required as a condition of development may be shown on separate sheets.
   .0104   Planting Tabulation. Plant varieties and size for each tree and shrub shall be tabulated to indicate both the required and provided coverage for each slope increment shown.
   .0105   Compliance with Code. Each sheet shall be signed by a registered landscape architect to ascertain compliance that each slope shown conforms to the provisions of this chapter.
   .020   Irrigation Plan Approval. Irrigation system plans of sufficient clarity to indicate the extent of work proposed shall be submitted to the Development Services Department. Specifications for devices, pipe sizing and type, flow rates, precipitation rates, etc., should be shown on the schematic. All such plans shall be prepared under the direction of and certified by a registered landscape architect to insure conformance to the provisions of this section. Building Division approval is required prior to the installation of any permanent system. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975.)