17.06.135 IRRIGATION.
   An approved irrigation system shall be installed prior to planting to effectively irrigate all required slopes.
   .010   Automatic Controls. Approved automatic timing controls shall be provided to irrigate all slopes in excess of fifteen feet in height.
   .0101   Controls shall be employed to permit multiple repeat (periodic) operations of precipitation of 0.2 inches per hour or less.
   .0102   Controls shall be provided to alter the period (number of repeats) of operation in order to obtain an optimum precipitation duration for each day(s).
   .0103   Sprinkler control system shall be designed to insure that in no event shall the rate of precipitation or duration of sprinkling permit an oversaturated condition or cause a potential erosion problem.
   .0104   Detailed controller program which insures optimum irrigation rates shall be specified in the maintenance brochure (Section 17.06.138).
   .020   Piping. An underground irrigation piping system shall be provided for all planted slopes less than fifteen feet in height. Exposed piping on irrigated slopes shall be manufactured from metallic materials. Aged galvanized flow rates shall be used for galvanized pipes.
   .030   Feed Point. The irrigation point of connection shall be directly connected to the main service line for the building(s). Common area irrigation system pipelines shall have a point of connection to main service line of the complex.
   .040   Valves. Locate all valves for ease of maintenance and accessibility. All electric valves shall be twenty-four volt, normally closed.
   .050   Devices. Backflow prevention, back drain prevention, valves, flow-control devices, piping, etc., shall conform to Building Division Standards. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975.)