Planting specifications for trees, shrubs and ground covers are to be included in the landscape plans. Minimum requirements would include:
   .010   Pit Excavation and Fill. All plants shall have pits excavated at least one and one-half times the diameter and depth of the container or root ball. Backfill shall contain excavated native solid and a prepared mix with specified additives and amendments as specified in the soils laboratory report.
   .020   Staking. Each tree shall be securely fastened to a stake using one inch minimum hose ties or secured by a three wire tie-down system. Staked trees shall be securely supported using three inch redwood or pine poles, or equivalent, with a minimum height of six feet above grade.
   .030   Material Removal. All stones or rocks over two inches in size, construction refuse and other deleterious material shall be removed from the slopes to be planted. After completion of the planting, all rubbish and surplus material shall be removed. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975.)