a)   In the interest of public safety and welfare, the applicant shall submit to the City Engineer a thorough preliminary soils report based on the grading plan.
   b)   The preliminary soils report may be waived, in writing, by the City Engineer if the City Engineer determines that, due to the knowledge the City has regarding the soils qualities of the soils of the subdivisions, no preliminary analysis is necessary.
   c)   The soils investigation shall be undertaken by a civil engineer registered in this state, who shall recommend any corrective action which is necessary to prevent structural damage to each structure proposed to be constructed in all areas where soils problems exist.
   d)   If the preliminary soil report indicates the presence of critically expansive soils or other soils problems which, if not corrected, would lead to structural defects, a soils investigation of each lot in the subdivision may be required.
   e)   The subdivision or portion thereof may be approved where soils problems exist if it is determined that the recommended action is likely to prevent structural damage to each structure to be constructed. Any building permit may be conditioned upon completion of the recommended corrective action. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975: Ord. 5195 § 2; January 8, 1991.)