17.06.070 INSPECTIONS.
   .010   Generally. The City Engineer shall cause the following inspections to be made when notified by the holder of a permit under this chapter and shall either approve that portion of the work completed or shall notify the permit holder wherein the same fails to comply with this chapter.
   .020   When Permittee to Notify City Engineer. The permittee or his agent shall notify the City Engineer:
   .0201   Initial Inspection. When he is ready to begin grading and not less than twenty-four hours before any grading is to be commenced;
   .0202   Rough Grading. Upon completion of all rough grading, at least twenty-four hours before such inspection is to be made;
   .0203   Final Grading Inspection. Upon completion of all work, including the installation of all drainage facilities and other structures required by the Chief Building Inspector.
   .030   Special Structures. All retaining walls, crib walls, and wing walls or similar structures are required to be built under permit from and inspection by the Chief Building Inspector.
   .040   Disapproval Because of Conditions. If the City Engineer finds the soil or other conditions to be other than as stated in the application for a grading permit, or shown on the approved plans, he shall refuse to approve further work until approval is obtained of a revised grading plan which will conform to the existing conditions. Whenever any construction or work is being done contrary to the provisions of any law or ordinance enforced by the Engineering Division, the City Engineer shall issue written notice to the responsible party to stop work on that portion of the work on which the violation has occurred. No work shall be done on that portion until the violation has been rectified and written approval obtained from the City Engineer. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975.)