.010   Whenever, in the judgment of the City Engineer, the proposed work may directly or indirectly create a hazard to human life or endanger adjoining property or property at a higher or lower level, or any public sewer, storm drain, street, street improvement or any other public property, the application shall be denied. If, in the opinion of the City Engineer, the danger or hazard can be eliminated by the erection or installation of walls, cribs or other devices, or by a specified method of performing the work, the City Engineer may grant the permit upon condition that the specified protection and precautionary work shall be done to his satisfaction, or upon condition that a specified method of performing the work shall be used.
   .020   In granting any permit under this chapter, the City Engineer shall attach such conditions thereto as may be reasonably necessary to prevent danger to public or private property or to prevent the operation from being conducted in a manner hazardous to life or property or in a manner likely to create a nuisance. Such conditions shall include, but not be limited to:
   .0201   Limitations on the hours of operation or the period of the year in which the work may be performed and such limitations shall be set forth within the permit;
   .0202   Requirements as to the laying of dust, the prevention of noises and other results offensive or injurious to the neighborhood, the general public or any portion thereof;
   .0203   Regulations as to the use of public streets and places during the course of the work when required for preservation of public property or public safety;
   .0204   Requirements for safe and adequate drainage of the site in a manner satisfactory to the City Engineer. No work on grading will be permitted between October 15th and April 15th unless all required off-site drainage facilities have been installed and are operative. Between April 15th and October 15th no work on grading will be permitted until positive assurance is provided the City that such drainage facilities will be completed prior to October 15th. Said drainage facilities shall be the first item of construction and shall be completed and be functional throughout the tract or site, and from the downstream boundary of the property to the ultimate point of disposal prior to the issuance of any final building inspections or occupancy permits. Necessary right-of-way for required off-site drainage facilities shall be dedicated to the City, or the City Council shall have initiated condemnation proceedings therefor (the costs of which shall be borne by the developer) prior to commencement of grading operations. The required drainage facilities shall be of a size and type sufficient to carry runoff waters originating from higher properties through said property to ultimate disposal as approved by the City Engineer;
   .0205   A requirement that approval of the City Engineer be obtained before any work which has been commenced may be discontinued for a period of one week or more;
   .0206   A requirement that the permittee, or his agent, shall provide proper inspection and/or supervision of the site during inclement weather in order to take the necessary precautions to maintain the area of the work in such state as to prevent endangering life or property;
   .0207   Requirements for fencing of excavations or fills which would be hazardous without such fencing and such requirements shall be set forth on the plans. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975.)