No permit shall be required by virtue of this chapter for any of the following:
   .010   Grading pursuant to a permit for excavation in public streets;
   .020   Grading in connection with a public improvement or public work for which inspection is provided by the City;
   .030   Grading by a public utility or a mutual water company in private easements;
   .040   An excavation below finished grade for basements and footings of a building, swimming pool or underground structure authorized by a valid building permit where the cost of such excavation is included in the building permit valuation. This exception shall not affect the applicability of this chapter to, nor the requirement of a grading permit for, any fill made with the material from such excavation in accordance with Section 17.06.040 of this chapter:
   .050   Grading by a public agency which possesses the power to levy an ad valorem tax. (Ord. 3411 § 2 (part); April 1, 1975.)