16.35.010 DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter:
   .101   "Alarm" means the giving, signalling or transmission to any public fire station or company or to any officer or employee thereof, whether by telephone, spoken word or otherwise, information to the effect that a fire or emergency situation exists at or near the place indicated by the person giving, signalling or transmitting such information.
   .020   "Automatic fire sprinkler system" means an integrated system of underground and overhead piping designed in accordance with fire protection standards, and which is normally activated by heat from a fire, and discharges water over the fire area.
   .030   "City" means the City of Anaheim, California.
   .040   "City Council" means the legislative body of the City.
   .050   "False alarm" means an alarm necessitating response by the Anaheim Fire Department where a fire or emergency situation does not exist.
   .060   "Fire alarm system" means a system consisting of a control unit and a combination of electrical interconnected devices designed and intended to detect a fire condition and to actuate an alarm or warning of fire in a building or structure by either manual or automatic activation, or both, and includes the systems installed throughout any building or portion thereof.
   .070   "Fire Chief" means the Fire Chief of the City, or his designee.
   .080   "Notice" means written notice, given by personal service upon the addressee, or given by the United States mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the person to be notified at his last known address. Service of such notice shall be effective upon the completion of personal service, or upon the placing of the same in the custody of the United States Postal Service.
   .090   "Person" means any natural person, firm, partnership, association or corporation. (Ord. 5381 § 1 (part); June 29, 1993.)