Paramedic fees are hereby established to be charged in connection with emergency medical services provided by the Anaheim Fire Department. The amount of such fees shall be set by resolution of the City Council on the basis of voluntary subscription or actual use of the service.
   .010   There shall be two types of user fees as follows:
   .0101   The "Voluntary Subscription Fee" shall be offered to residents and businesses of the City of Anaheim on a voluntary basis for the purpose of assuring subscribers they will not incur higher direct fees should they require emergency medical services. The Voluntary Subscription Fee covers unlimited initial responses for medical emergencies; such fee does not cover Basic Life Support (BLS) transport services or Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport services.
   .0102   Payment of the Voluntary Subscription Fee by businesses shall entitle businesses only to emergency medical services rendered to the employees thereof without additional charge.
   .0103   The "Fee for Services" shall be a charge designed to recover costs associated with the delivery of emergency medical services to persons and businesses that do not participate in the Voluntary Subscription Fee system, or where services are not covered by the Voluntary Subscription Fee. Such Fee for Services shall be based on:
         .01   Costs of service for BLS or ALS first responder emergency services by paramedics and/or engine companies of the Anaheim Fire Department, which services do not require transport; and
         .02   Costs of service for ALS paramedic accompaniment (transport) to a medical facility.
   .0104   The Fee for Service shall be charged for paramedic services rendered to guests, customers, patients, patrons, visitors or others using the facilities of such businesses.
   .020   Nothing contained herein shall prevent the City from entering into a separate agreement with any business to provide paramedic services, and such agreement shall supersede the requirements of this chapter with respect to fees for paramedic services unless otherwise expressly provided in said agreement.
   .030   Any person or business requesting or benefitting from the services for which a Fee for Services is charged shall be jointly and severally civilly liable and indebted to the City of Anaheim for such Fee for Service. (Ord. 4608 § 1 (part); May 14, 1985: Ord. 4728 § 1; July 1, 1986: Ord. 5795 § 1; December 11, 2001: Ord. 5966 § 1, April 26, 2005.)