.010   This chapter shall apply to all New Development Projects that are estimated to generate, either in the project itself or as a result of adding the project to an existing development, the employment of the minimum number of persons for which AQMD requires submittal of a On Road Motor Vehicle Mitigation Option, as determined by using the methodology set forth in subsection .020, of this section.
   .020   For purposes of determining whether a New Development Project is subject to this chapter, the total number of Employees which the project is estimated to generate will be determined by the City as follows:
   a.   Employment projections developed by the project applicant, subject to approval by the City Engineer; or
   b.   Employment projections developed by the City Engineer using the following employee generation factors by type of use:
Land-Use Category
Number of Employees
one per 500 gross sq. ft.
one per 250 gross sq. ft.
one per 550 gross sq. ft.
0.9 per room
Suite Hotel
1.2 per room
   The employment projection for a Multi-Use Development shall be calculated on a case by case basis based upon the proportion of development devoted to each type of use.
   The employment projections for land uses not identified above shall be determined pursuant to subsection a. of this section.
   .030   The legal owner of the property on which the New Development Project is planned shall be responsible for complying with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 5209 § 1 (part); April 2, 1991; Ord. 5705 § 2; November 16, 1999.)